Health And Safety Training

Non Unit Standard

First Aid
First Aid level 1, 2 & 3
Basic First Aid
Breathing Apparatus (B A Set)
Fire Fighting
Basic Fire Fighting
Fire teams
Hazardous Chemical Substances
Handling of Hazardous Substances
Conveyance of dangerous goods by road
Generic Hazardous Chemical Substance Training
Occupational Health and Safety Courses and Skills Training
Safety Management
Senman Safety (OHSAct for Senior Management)
Midman Safety (OHSAct for Middle Management and Shop stewards)
Safety Induction Course
Health & Safety Representative
Incident/Accident Reporting/Investigation
Safe Work Procedures
Occupational Health and Hygiene
General Safety & Security
General Safety, Health & Environment Course
Workers Safety, Health & Environment Course
Ergonomics Awareness
Mines Health & Safety
Office Health & Safety
Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment
Safe Lifting Practices for Slingers/Banksman (Basic Lifting Practice)
Advanced Safe Lifting Practices Part I & II
Lifting Equipment Inspection
Air, Lever and Electric Hoist & Chain Block
Battery care
Scaffolding General Worker
Assistant to Scaffolder (Scaffold Fixer)
Scaffold Erector
Scaffold Team Leader
Scaffold Inspector
Stacking & Packing
Grinding Wheel Safety (including Angle Grinders)
Gas Welding Safety (Cutting Torch)
Lockout Systems
Brush cutters
Vessel Entry
Working at Heights
Safe use of Fall Arrest System (safety harness)
Hand and Portable Electrical Tools
Asbestos Training
Hygiene for Food Handlers
Conveyor Training