Mining Equipment

Non Unit Standard

Utility Vehicle (fire suppression)
4 x 4 Steer with crane attachment (fire suppression)
Utility Vehicle/interchangeable casset (fire suppression)
Loadhaul Dumper (fire suppressions)
Utility Vehicle with scissor lift (fire suppression)
Mobile rock breaker/scaler (fire suppression)
Static rock breaker
Learners will be able to operate the machine, driving and parking, operate controls and preparing for travel and understand power unit and machine systems.
Introduction to the machine Machine start up/shut down
Servicing and daily checks Controls (operating / travel)
Controls, travel and safety Machine travel
Machine operations (with attachments) Adjustments
Transportation Site travel and maneuvering
Loading and unloading Highway travel
Securing on Low Bed Trailer Legislation
Duration: Based on 4 Operators per Instructor
Learner Re-Certification: 1 Day ( day Theory & day Practical)
Learner Certification: 3 Days (1 day Theory & 2 day Practical)
Novice Learner Certification: 5 Days (2 day Theory & 3 days Practical)
Target Population:
Operators, Supervisors and Managers requiring training in terms of the Health & Safety Act.
Minimum 4 learners Maximum 5 learners. (Price based on 4 learners)